Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

An open-world game with a hilarious story and decent gameplay
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Saints Row 2 is a game that stopped caring and became awesome. It's the first sequel to an open-world action game that was primarily known as an ambitious GTA clone. However, the developers realized that their strength lies in being original and decided to turn their game into an interactive dark comedy.

The core gameplay is very similar to that of grand Theft Auto games: you have a city to explore, cars, bikes and planes to fly, people to shoot and missions to complete. Saints Row 2 has a variety of side missions to complete for rewards and unlockable gameplay elements, a reputations system for developing your character and various side activities.

The content would have been decent on its own, but with great writing it turned into hilarious. Driving a septic truck to spray houses, competing in a mascot massacre, fighting Jamaican drug lords and beating up people to discredit cops - all these things have never been so fun.

Despite some shortcomings of the gameplay mechanics like shooting (which is a bit slow and lacks impact), the game is not tiring to play and the deep character customization makes it very personal.

James Lynch
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  • Fun story
  • Various side missions
  • Character customization


  • Gameplay feels a bit clunky
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